Aug 9, 2009

Why it’s cool to be an LCP.

Last weekend was National President’s Meeting 2.0 in Toronto. It was overall, a fantastic conference. There were delegates there from 28 different local committees, most of whom were also LCP’s, as well as our 6-member AIESEC Canada Member Committee Team and two National Support Team Regional Directors. We met inspiring AIESEC alumni who taught us how to sell our internship program to companies and how to manage our teams. We learned about projects, strategic planning and national campaigns. We learned about life on the MC and all felt better connected to our new MC team by the end of conference. We shared our successes and our challenges. We connected to 27 other people all going through the same experience as us. We worked together to solve each others’ problems. And we all re-connected to our personal visions and personal passions. This conference was all about connection.

Most of us had experienced a loss in motivation this summer. Many of us had less members and less activity over the summer. But after this conference, we were all motivated and ready to bring back our weekend’s experience to our LC’s.

I was definitely feeling a decrease in motivation. But now I’m ready to challenge myself to be the best leader I can be. And as an EB we are challenging ourselves to lead our LC to be the best we can be. More than ever, I am realizing just how cool it is to be an LCP.

And here are some reasons I came up with of why it’s cool to be an LCP:

You really get to explore and develop your leadership potential. You are the head of your Local Committee, a non-profit chapter of the world’s largest student-run organization. You also manage about six Vice Presidents who are managing their own teams. You represent your local committee in National Legislation. Personally, I really feel like I’ve developed more self-awareness, awareness of others, resilience, effectiveness and flexible thinking.

The well-rounded professional skill set. You are managing and coaching others in team management, HR, marketing, sales, public relations, communications, project management, event management, finance and more. Even if you don’t know a lot about these areas before you start your term as LCP, you will become very knowledgeable in these areas by the end. As a result of my AIESEC experience I have had amazing jobs. The summer I was Vice President Talent Management, I worked for the federal government and wrote a youth recruitment strategy for inclusion in their annual strategic HR plan. This summer, I am putting my marketing and public relations experience to good use as a development assistant for non-profit.

he external contacts. Deans of faculties. Your Board of Advisors. Companies that hire interns. AIESEC Alumni. Learning Partners. And more. These are all people you get to meet as an LCP.

-The National Network.
VP’s and other active members have 4 AIESEC conferences a year that they can go to. LCP’s get two extra conferences- both are called National President’s Meeting. This year we started a trend of having limo rides just for LCP’s on the last night of National Conferences. In Canada, you’re part of a team of LCP’s representing 28 different local committees. Out of all the Canadian LCP’s, a few I would call good friends, some I would call friends, and others I would call warm acquaintances. ALL are people I intend to keep in touch with for years to come. But it’s not just the LCP’s that you get to know well. You also get to know many other AIESECers in AIESEC Canada. Other members from outside your local committee look up to you as well. And you’re also a part of AIESEC Canada’s National Team. And you get a nice black collared t-shirt that says so.

-The Global Network.
I’ve had someone from China call my cell phone in the morning before classes start telling me about some internships they had. My intern from Mexico gave me a fancy sombrero when he left back home as a thank you for all the time I had spent in helping him feel at home in Victoria. On August 22nd I will be at AIESEC International’s largest international conference. There will be 600 delegates from 107 different countries there. I can’t wait!

-There’s just something in the title. You are the CEO of your local committee. There’s that instant respect you get for being an LCP. My predecessor told me that while not everyone in the local committee will remember the past VP’s, everyone will remember the LCP. When I was elected, a past LCP from my local committee who served 5 years before me told me that I was now a part of an elite group of AIESEC Victoria LCP’s. I’ve met a number of past LCP’s from my local committee….some who served even ten years before me, and we all share similar experiences and pride in having been an LCP.

My next post will be of International Congress 2009 Malaysia! Watch it virtually here.


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