Oct 29, 2009

Developing Globally-Minded Leaders

I just came from our review board, where we interviewed exchange participant candidates. After asking gruelling questions to assess these candidates on their cultural awareness, leadership abilities, AIESEC knowledge and expectations, they all passed. We were impressed by their experiences, their cultural sensitivity and their motivations for going on an AIESEC internship abroad.

As I was driving one of my fellow panelists home, we talked about some common qualities that all AIESEC members possess. It's that sensitivity, that global awareness, that sense of social responsibility, that strong work ethic, that entrepreneurial spirit and that desire to always be learning and growing that makes AIESECers so special. The opportunities to develop yourself through local leadership opportunities, international internships and conferences are great, but what makes those three things so special are the members of AIESEC who make them happen. The real benefit is the network and community that you are a part of.

Ever since Western Regional Conference (WRC) something has felt different. And now I've realized what it is. Now more than ever, I've reached a point in my personal development, where I have learned enough about AIESEC and leadership that I can focus mostly on developing others to be leaders in AIESEC.

In the words of Jack Welch "Before you are a leader, success is all about growing yourself. When you become a leader, success is about growing others"

I've never felt so much like a leader. Before I joined AIESEC I didn't even see myself as having leadership potential. Now I'm the face of AIESEC Victoria.

Earlier today, my friend took a photo of a slide that listed the names of the local committes that were present at WRC
and tagged all the local committee presidents to the name of their local committees. At first I just smiled. And then I realized how cool that was to have your name attached to something like that. It's really cool to be an LCP. You're a brand ambassador of your LC. And I find that exciting.

What I find more exciting is getting to learn even more about leadership as I help to develop the next generation of leaders in AIESEC Victoria. Our new members are awesome! And so are our new Exchange Participants!

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  1. Hey Andrea, how r u?
    It's nice to read your blog! Wow, it's full of AIESEC stuffs ;)
    It really shows your passion & spirit, Miss LCP!

    Keep in touch,
    Shirin (LCP from Indonesia)

    PS: I just put your link in my blog