May 31, 2010

More Young Canadians Need to Experience Life Abroad

This morning I attended a breakfast hosted by Export Development Canada and the Asia Pacific Foundation. Speakers from each organization discussed facts, figures and realities of international trade and foreign investment with an emphasis on Asia.

One statement that caught me by surprise was that the number of Canadian students that go abroad for a university exchange is probably the lowest in the G20. The CEO of EDC placed a particular emphasis on the need for young Canadians to work or study abroad so that we have more people with experience working in international markets. No doubt I will have to add this to my list of reasons to go on an international internship through AIESEC.

Another surprising fact I learned is that Canada is 2nd in the world in research and development but only 17th in commercialization. No one there could completely explain why. Any thoughts on why this is so?

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